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Forensic Services

MindFull Psychology has specialist experience of providing services to adults and young persons who have offended or are deemed at risk of offending. We also provide psychological reports to organisations and other practitioners that explore the cognitive, behavioural, emotional and situational factors that research has linked to problematic behaviours such as offending. Information from a number of different sources is considered, for example, clinical interviews, psychometric tests, observations of individuals involved in the individual’s life / care and an assessment of relevant background information. This information is used to assist in understanding or explaining specific aspects of the individual’s behaviour and to respond to the questions raised in the instruction. For example, individual risk factors for offending and an estimate of the likelihood of reoffending.   We are experienced in providing reports to the courts and to parole boards.


Examples of the types of psychological risk assessment reports that we provide include:


bullet 2  Suitability for parole / release on licence and management in the community

bullet 1  Reviews for life-sentenced prisoners

bullet 3  Intellectual / Cognitive Functioning (using the WAIS)

bullet 2  Violence risk assessment (using tools such as the HCR-20)

bullet 1  Sexual Violence risk assessment (using tools such as the RSVP or SVR-20) 

bullet 3  Domestic Abuse / Intimate Partner Violence risk assessment (using tools such as the SARA)

bullet 2  Harassment or Stalking Behaviour assessment

bullet 1  Personality Assessments including an assessment of anti-social features, psychopathy using the PCL-R, or personality disorder using the International Personality Disorder Inventory (IPDE)

bullet 3  Intervention Assessment and Recommendations



We also provide assessments of psychological functioning. Examples of other types of psychological assessment that may / may not be linked to risk of offending include:


bullet 1  Anger 

bullet 3  Substance Misuse

bullet 2  Stress and Coping

bullet 1  Depression 

bullet 3  Anxiety

bullet 2  Relationship Issues

bullet 1  Self esteem

bullet 3  Problem-solving

bullet 2  Post Trauma Symptoms


What other forensic services do you offer?


We are able to provide expert witness testimony and our expert opinion in settings such as Courts and Oral Hearings. In addition we provide individual interventions focused on reducing the likelihood of reoffending, working with high risk clients in a forensic setting (such as the criminal justice system) or those in institutions or the community. We are specialised in writing and delivering psychological training packages and psycho-educational courses for groups and organisations, these include anger management, risk management and challenging behaviours, click here for more info. We are also able to provide consultancy,  staff support and training to individuals working within forensic settings that enable them to improve their delivery of services to individuals.


How do we contact you / refer?

Please contact us for further information in the first instance using our online referral form . We aim to respond to you via email or phone within 48 working hours. A written quotation with an estimate of time and costs can be provided where required.