We are specialised in writing and delivering bespoke psychological training packages and psycho-educational courses to meet the specific needs of groups and organisations.  This may also involve the identification of the training need, via a training needs analysis, and the evaluation of the training against the identified training targets.


Examples of possible training packages include:


bullet 2  Understanding learning disabilities and an introduction to working with LD

bullet 1  Understanding mental health problems and personality disorder


bullet 3  Stress management

bullet 2  Risk management

bullet 1  Challenging behaviours

bullet 3  Building staff client alliance

bullet 2  Motivational interviewing

bullet 1  Understanding CBT and applications to practice

bullet 3  Relapse prevention

bullet 2  How to overcome trauma

bullet 1  Substance Use

bullet 3  Anger management



An example of a possible psycho-educational course popular with organisations includes ‘managing stress’.  This could be designed as a class of four to five sessions each lasting approximately 90 minutes followed by 30 minutes at the end for informal discussion / questions and refreshments. Each session would cover an aspect of stress or anxiety and tools for individuals to become their own ‘therapist’ by putting into practice the skills that they learn.


Contact us for more details regarding a training package to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.